First United Methodist Church Wauchula
Friday, May 25, 2018
Know God - Love Others - Serve the World

LOVE Others

Small Groups

Small groups have been a part of the church since its beginning.  The early church was composed of small gatherings of believers who met in homes.  According to John Wesley and many prominent Christian leaders, Christianity is relational.  Faith is shared, learned, questioned and affirmed in relationship with others.  This is best accomplished in small social settings.  Are you a part of a faith-sharing small group?  FUMC Wauchula currently has several adult groups meeting on Sunday morning.



These groups meet on Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour (9:45 - 10:45)




This class is a group primarily comprised of retired men and women.  The environment is informal and very welcoming. The class uses a Bible-based study curriculum that is applicable to daily living.  Each Sunday morning the members gather for coffee and fellowship to spend time with each other.  There are occasional events for the class to spend time together away from church. 


When asked in what way did they Love One Another, they responded “We Listen to each other when we ask, ‘How are you?’”  Truly listening and caring is the corner stone of this group!  


This class is actively serving the world.  They achieve this mission both as individuals and as a group.  They are involved in the Frank Zajicek Golf Tournament, youth activities, feeding the hungry and providing for the needy.  Their future service plans include  participating in church-wide activities, such as church camp, gifts for the children’s home, dinners for holidays, helping with bridal and baby showers,  and providing food and comfort for the bereaved.  


This class described themselves as “A friendly bunch, interested in learning and doing more about our Christian faith.”




This is a class with a diverse age range, from young adult through 60+ year old men and women.  The environment is casual, with a facilitated, open discussion format.  Discussion topics are scripture-based life experiences.  The class uses scripture-based study material that is applicable to daily life.


To grow closer together, this group strives to keep in contact-especially via the Internet.  They are planning future activities outside of their church time, to provide more fellowship and to foster a feeling of closeness. 


Their future plans include:  developing mission projects, starting a visitation program, continuing to delve into the scriptures, and challenging each other by establishing accountability.  (Asking each week, “What did you do for the Lord last week?”)  They also plan to use technology to keep in touch with each other and to follow through with projects. 





This group of is made up of mostly elderly women who have an incredibly intimate and close relationship with one another.  They truly live out the element of our Mission Statement to Love Others, through showing their love and support for one another.  They are supportive of one another through the gift of writing cards, doing visitations, and caring for their fellow sisters when they are in need. 


Every Sunday,  this class gets together to read through the weekly devotional and scripture readings.  During this time they have an opportunity to discuss how the text and reading applies to their lives and the world in which we live.


 Additionally, this group places significant importance on the power of prayer.  Together they have integrated a prayer chain into their small group that lift up prayer for the entire church family.  This loving group of women would love to have new faces join them in sharing the love of Christ.




Wednesday Night Bible Study


This group includes individuals ranging in ages from young adulthood to the elderly.  They are a group who assists the pastor in preparing for her sermons by studying the upcoming scripture verse.  This in depth study follows the structure of Lectio Divina, which allows the group to have prayer, reflection, and discussion over the text.  The process truly allows the Holy Spirit to move through the text and offers eye-opening experiences to the participants. 


Additionally, the group breaks bread together just before the class during the Wednesday Night Dinner at 6:00 p.m.  This is a wonderful time for fellowship and catching up with one another.  The group would also like to begin developing opportunities for outreach into the community and become more active in the missional efforts of the church. 


This group would feel blessed to have you join them for this time of devotion and study over God’s word.  It is also the perfect class for parents who have children involved in the youth or children’s programs.  All three of the opportunities take place at 7:00p.m.  We look forward to seeing you and your family there!